Coping with Life’s Daily Stressors Without Sacrificing Your Health

It’s funny that I am writing this blog the last two weeks of my kids’ school year.  May is full so many precious moments I wouldn’t change for anything, but it is an absolute. Scheduling. Nightmare.  Three-hour sports banquets, teachers’ appreciation, and, of course, looking for the library book that has been lost for three months so that you can get junior’s report card.  And, ice cream donations, early dismissals, prom, prom dresses, prom tickets, prom melt downs. 

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The Holistic Wellness Center: What is Holistic Medicine and how can it Help Me?

Many people love the idea of holistic nutrition and natural medicine, but do not truly understand what that includes. With this blog post, I am hoping to the answer the question, “Dr. Tassie, what do you DO? And how can you help me?”

I am a Functional Doctor that practices Functional Nutrition. I do not prescribe medicine, do any procedures nor practice traditional Western medicine.  But, I do focus on the “whole” patient and how the various body systems work together. The term “functional” nutrition is defined as a treatment that focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, usually involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine, beginning with diet. Essentially, Functional Nutrition and nutritional testing are designed for an individual’s unique needs. We aim to address that “middle-ground” of disease— before you might receive a diagnosis of a full-blown disease that requires medical intervention and cannot be reversed.   The goal of holistic medicine is to get you to THRIVE, not just survive.

A patient might come to me when they are starting to have 5, 10, 20 or more symptoms that are starting to add up to more than mere annoyances, but their blood work continually comes up normal, leaving patients scratching their heads and feeling like doctors are not really listening to them.  And for that matter the medical doctors are scratching their heads as well! This leaves you with continued suffering, a lot of questions and no real solution besides “follow up in 2 weeks.”  Here at Holistic Wellness Center, we start by listening to the patient and use tests that are tailored to your individual needs (such as; Cyrex Labs Wheat Gluten Reactivity and Autoimmunity Panel, Cyrex Labs Cross-Reactive Foods and Foods Sensitivity Panel, Cortisol (and other hormones) 4-point saliva test, thyroid panels that include antibody testing and free T3/RT3, genetic testing and much more). These tests have been proven to help functional doctors “define” the issues associated with that grey area before you might have a full blown disease. My purpose is to come with viable solutions that you can incorporate into your day to day life, with proven results. Consider me as a practitioner who serves as the middle-ground between a medical doctor and the clerk at your local health food store.

Ever wonder why you are told your blood work is normal when you just know you are not feeling like yourself? The medical community sets the lab ranges based on the averages of a pool of people, say 100 people that have recently visited the lab. These can be 100 sick people, so your lab results are not necessarily being compared to what is considered a healthy individual. Additionally, the ranges are quite broad, and modern medicine does not take into account that if you are at the top of the range (or bottom, depending on what you are testing) you might be more symptomatic, then say, someone exactly in the middle of the range. Functional doctors like me assess these ranges based on when you might be symptomatic, regardless of whether you can be labeled as having a clinical illness. With the functional analysis of your bloodwork, together, we can address these symptoms, and more often than not, avoid ever labeling you with a disease…and making your symptoms distant memories.

We all have symptoms that we accept as part of normal life, as mere annoyances, but I want you to know, that it is not necessary to live half your life with symptoms that interfere with your daily life, minimize your quality of life or keep you from fulfilling your life’s purpose. We are here for you. 

If you have any of the following warning signs and symptoms of illness, seeing a holistic nutritionist is the right move for you:

·         Constipation and bloating

·         IBS or other GI issues

·         Fatigue, perhaps trouble falling asleep but trouble getting up in the morning

·         Insomnia

·         Sugar and/or salt cravings

·         Skin issues such as eczema, dandruff or psoriasis

·         Joint pain

·         Muscle cramps

·         Infertility

·         Depression and anxiety

Most importantly, I am here to help guide you to take control of your own health.  After a bit of time work alongside of me on correcting your diet and lifestyle, you will no longer need to rely on someone else, to “fix” your health problems. You will be empowered and fully equipped to rely on you. The Holistic Wellness Center puts your health back in your hands—where it belongs.